What is Sociolinguistics? text development, Wiley-Blackwell

What is Sociolinguistics? text development, Wiley-Blackwell

Gerard van Herk’s What is Sociolinguistics? is a concise textbook that takes non-specialist undergraduates on a “tour through the major issues that define the field, such as region, status, gender, time, language attitudes, interaction, and style”.

Anna Faherty worked with a Wiley-Blackwell development editor, evaluating draft manuscript material to ensure the title satisfied the needs of the market and competed effectively with existing textbooks.

The project involved:

  • Comparing the title to the closest competitor, Meyerhoff: Introducing Sociolinguistics, in terms of structure, writing style, learning opportunities and extension activities
  • Commenting on the structure, level and tone and learning model employed within a sample manuscript chapter of the text
  • Developing a recommended outline for a model chapter, along with edited chapter text

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