Cultural Studies student resources, Sage

Cultural Studies student resources, Sage

Clive Barker’s Cultural Studies:Theory & Practice is a well-established comprehensive  textbook, which its publishers describe as “a definitive benchmark in understanding and applying the foundations of cultural studies”.

For the fourth edition Anna Faherty worked with a Sage development editor to write almost 60 student-focused exercises and case studies to be used on the companion website. The resources featured practical, real-world, examples prompting learners to explore, apply and reflect upon the theory delivered within the text, and included targeted links to individual chapter sections.

Reflecting the nature of the subject itself, the content featured a diverse range of topics, including the Apple iPad, Barack Obama, Batgirl, Crimewatch, the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Facebook, Glee, the International Slavery Museum, Jack Wills, Saadiyat Island, Skins, Sky News, Twilight and WikiLeaks. Most exercises required learners to visit a website and read, view or explore the material there, before reflecting on questions that relate the example back to the text, and to relevant cultural studies research and theories. A wide range of sources was also drawn on, including company and museum websites, reports from the BBC, the Guardian and other news media, and videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

A very useful companion website.
Cultural Studies lecturer, University of Bremen

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