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States of Mind book

The Big Burping Experiment short story, University of Liverpool Literature and Science Hub, 2018. AWARDED NOTABLE MENTION IN THE ‘SCIENCE ME A STORY’ SCIENTIFIC STORIES FOR CHILDREN COMPETITION.

Searching for Genius digital story, London: Wellcome Collection, 2018.

The Outsiders digital story, London: Wellcome Collection, 2017.

States of Mind: Experiences at the Edge of Consciousness, London: Wellcome Collection, February 2016. WINNER OF THE ACE PRODUCT AWARDS 2017 BEST EXHIBITION CATALOGUE AWARD.

From Small Eggs Grow Mighty IPOs: Cracking Open the Chegg Story, in BookMachine (2015) Snapshots II: BookMachine on Consumer Relationships, Marketing and New Publishing Models, Kingston-upon-Thames: Kingston University Press.

The Collectors digital story, London: Wellcome Collection, 2015.

Reading Room Companion Consisting of a Rare and Valuable Collection of Diverse Curiosities Acquired by and for Henry Wellcome, with a Great Variety of Books, London: Wellcome Collection, 2014.

Martinis, Masterclasses & Space Missions: New frontiers in contemporary publishing, Kingston University Press, 2013.

CSI: London walking trail in Time Out (2009) TimeOut Shortlist London, London: Time Out.

Most Likely To… short story in ESRC (2009) GM Fiction.

Examine the City’s Sick Past in London’s Medical Museums in Time Out (2009) TimeOut 1000 things to do in London for under £10, London: Time Out.

House of Science review in Time Out (2009) TimeOut London Guide, London: Time Out.

England’s Galileo feature in Time Out (2009) TimeOut London Guide, London: Time Out.

Being James Bond trail in Time Out (2009) TimeOut London Guide, London: Time Out.

Papers and presentations

People and Technology: The Future of Making Books, Frankfurt Book Fair streamed panel discussion, 15 October 2020

The Tragic Tale of a Museum Brought Down by the Society for the Suppression of Vice, set at Museums Showoff, London, 21 May 2019.

Making Different Happen, talk at Museum Freelance Conference 2019: Agents of Change, Manchester Art Gallery, 14 March 2019.

Engaging Museum Audiences with Slow Stories, talk at Confluence conference, London, 15 February 2019. With Danny Birchall.

Fact or Fiction: Why the divide? presentation at The Galley Club, London, 5 February 2019.

Constructing Engaging Stories from Library and Archive Material, presentation at History Day 2018, University College London, 27 November 2018.

Facets of Digital Non-fiction: Slow, Episodic and Illustrated, paper presented at EACWP Conference, Brussels, 13−14 September 2018.

The Rabbit Holes you Disappear into during Museum Research, set at Museums Showoff, 20 March 2018.

Curator Danger! How Embracing Curation Could be a Backward Step for Publishers, paper presented at By the Book Conference, Florence, 21−23 June 2017.

Diverge! How Thinking Differently could Boost your Career presentation at The Galley Club, London, 1 November 2016.

Does Length Matter? What Big Content and Long-form Storytelling Mean for Readers, Writers and Publishers, paper presented at Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing: Languages of the Book  Conference, Paris, 18−22 July 2016.

Academic Book Discovery, Evaluation and Access: Insights for Enhancing the Scholarly Experience, Strategic Content/Academic Book of the Future, 2016.

Where’s the Bookshop? Academic Book Discovery and the Zero Moment of Truth, Opening keynote, Future Space of Bookselling Conference, Bangor University, 4 June 2016.

Big and Slow: Adventures in Digital Storytelling, MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016, with Birchall, D.

Are Publishers Really Curators? presentation at The Galley Club, London, 3 February 2016.

Ten text interpretation questions – shared at the Museums Association ‘Let’s Talk About Text’ event, December 2015.

Developing Enterprise Skills through Peer-Assessed Pitch PresentationsEducation + Training, 57:3, 290-305, 2015.

Collections and Curiosity: How Museum and Archive Exhibits Promote Wonder, Learning and Outrage, paper presented in Visual & Material Culture in the History of Medicine seminar series, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Oxford, 9 February 2015.

How Pedagogy Can Develop Enterprising and Employable Graduates, workshop delivered at Kingston Academic Practice Framework, Kingston, November 2014.

Reinventing the Reading Room: The Curious Case of the Wellcome Library, paper presented at Twelfth International Conference of Books, Publishing and Libraries, Boston, 8−9 November 2014.

Self-Starters! For ’Freelance’ Read ‘Enterprise’, session delivered at From Freshers to Freelancers workshop, Kingston, 7 October 2014.

Experimenting with Enterprise Pedagogy, paper presented at Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group Annual Conference, Kingston, 17−18 June 2014.

Pedagogy for Digital Publishing, paper presented at By the Book: The Book and the Study of its Digital Transformation, Florence, 24−25 May 2014.

Making Change Happen: From Treacle to Continuous Innovation, panel session at London Book Fair, London, 08−10 April 2014.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Novelty-centred Business Models and Value Creation in Established Publishing FirmsInternational Journal of the Book, 11:1, pp39-57, 2013. WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE BOOK 2014 INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE.

Curiouser and Curiouser: Novelty-centred Business Models and Value Creation in Established Publishing Firms conference paper, International Conference of the Book, 2013

Boosting Grammar and Writing Skills Through Elearning: A Partnership Approach in Quality enhancement in learning and teaching: How Kingston University is enhancing the student experience, 2012

Using Peer Assessment and Feedback to Develop Professional Skills in Quality enhancement in learning and teaching: How Kingston University is enhancing the student experience, 2012

Podcast episodes

News and magazine articles

CWA Visits Mongolia: An Empty and Timeless LandscapeCurrent World Archaeology, 62: pp48-50, Dec 2013.

Want to get Even? Get AngryPublishing Talk, Apr 2013

Ethical Dilemmas for AccountantsInternational Accountant, Oct 2012

Gems of Geometry book review, Plus Magazine, April 2011

Maths, Molecules and Medical Imaging, iSquared, Spring 2010

Aride Island: “the most beautiful place in the world” feature, The Nation, Nov 2009

Who Rules the Roost? feature, The Nation, Nov 2009

The Housekeeper and the Professor book reviewPlus Magazine, Sep 2009

Thomas Harriot: A lost pioneer feature, Plus Magazine, Mar 2009

Guesstimation book reviewPlus Magazine, Dec 2008

An Imaginary Tale: The Story of i book reviewPlus Magazine, Sep 2008

Adjusting to Kruger’s Pace feature, Kruger Park Times, 2006

How to Spot the Big Five at Letaba tourist guide, SANParks, 2005

Meet Kruger’s Elephant Scientist, Letaba Elephant Hall online, 2005

Counting Elephants, Letaba Elephant Hall online, 2005

Hippo Sibling RivalryKruger Park Times, 2005

Discovering Kruger’s BirdlifeKruger Park Times, 2005

Honorary Rangers Raise the Roof at Phalaborwa, Kruger Park Times, 2005

Online learning courses

Creativity for Finance Professionals online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2018.

Presenting Numerical Data online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2016

Presentation Skills online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2016

Social Media for Professionals online learning course (revised), Nelson Croom, 2016

Communicating for Professional Success online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2015

Communicating Complex Ideas online learning course (revised), Nelson Croom, 2014

Thinking Strategically online learning course (revised), Nelson Croom, 2014

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2013

Managing Change and Transformation online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2013

Exploring the Digital Marketplace online learning course, Nelson Croom/Wiley, 2013

Transitioning to a Digital Future online learning course, Nelson Croom/Wiley, 2013

Making Money Out of Ideas online resource, Nelson Croom/Institute of Physics, 2012

Working in the Digital Organisation online learning course, Nelson Croom/Pearson, 2012

Acquiring Content online learning course, Nelson Croom/Pearson, 2012

Digital Marketing online learning course, Nelson Croom/Pearson, 2012

Managing Transitioning Teams online learning course, Nelson Croom/Pearson, 2012

International and Remote Working online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2012

Professionalism and Ethics online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2012

Social Media for Professionals online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2011

Innovation online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2010

Thinking Strategically online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2009

Communicating Complex Ideas online learning course, Nelson Croom, 2008

Blog posts

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Are You an Idea-Plusser or an Idea-Killer? AccountingCPD, May 2021.

How Not to Communicate in a Crisis, AccountingCPD, April 2021.

An Alternative US Election Map, AccountingCPD, November 2020.

Effective Team Communication During Lockdown, AccountingCPD, April 2020.

How Museums Use Tone of Voice to Reveal their Hidden Personalities, MuseumNext, February 2020.

Three Habits of Customer-centric Organisations, AccountingCPD, January 2020.

Powerful Opening Lines to Help Musems Grab Attention Online, MuseumNext, September 2019.

What Makes a Great Museum Label, MuseumNext, September 2019.

Developing Wayfinding Systems in Museums, MuseumNext, August 2019.

Why do Stories Matter to Museums and How Can Museums Become Better Storytellers, MuseumNext, July 2019.

Communicating the Value of Museums, MuseumNext, July 2019.

Communicating Change and Marketing a Museum while Closed for Redevelopment, MuseumNext, June 2019.

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Get With the Program: Why and How to Start Coding, BookMachine blog, May 2016

How Social Media is Changing, AccountingCPD blog, March 2016

7 Tips for Powering Through Permissions, BookMachine blog, February 2016

Slipping Into Other People’s Souls, Wellcome Collection blog, February 2016

Editor or Curator?Bookseller blog, January 2016

#publishingfail: We Need to Talk About Failure, BookMachine blog, January 2016

The Creative Power of Collections, Wellcome Collection blog, November 2015

An Epoch in the History of Typography, Wellcome Library blog, October 2015

“Are You Kidding Me?” Five Space Age Lessons in Remote Communication, AccountingCPD blog, Nelson Croom, 2015

Hear Ye! Eight Tips to Boost Your Listening Skills, AccountingCPD blog, Nelson Croom, 2015

Communication Failures were at the Heart of Labour’s Poor Election Performance, AccountingCPD blog, Nelson Croom, 2015

Why the World Needs Collectors, Wellcome Collection blog, February 2015

The Five Simple Whys that Make Change Happen, AccountingCPD blog, May 2014

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Shoot for the Moon: Managing remote teams, AccountingCPD Blog, July 2012

The Geek Manifesto: A rallying cry for evidence-based thinking, Beagle Project Blog, July 2012

Getting the Most From Staff Working During the Olympics, AccountingCPD Blog, July 2012

Revisiting Elearning in the Web 2.0 Age, BookMachine Blog, May 2012

My Other Ship’s a Clipper: Inside the restored Cutty Sark, Beagle Project Blog, April 2012

London 2012 is Missing a Social Media Trick, AccountingCPD Blog, February 2012

Building the Publishers of the Future, BookMachine Blog, January 2012

Giving You an Edge: How devoting half an hour a week to social media benefits accountants, AccountingCPD Blog, July 2011

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What’s Your Social Worth? AccountingCPD Blog, June 2011

How Many Taxpayer Years are You Worth? AccountingCPD Blog, 2011

Mastering Publishing, BookMachine Blog, November 2010

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