Digital Foundation elearning courses, Pearson

Digital Foundation elearning courses, Pearson

Pearson describes itself as “the world’s leading education company”, providing educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services to teachers and students of all ages.

Anna Faherty worked with the Pearson Education learning and development team and award-winning elearning publisher Nelson Croom to write six elearning courses for Pearson staff around the world. Designed to boost employee’s knowledge and understanding of digital technology – and how it impacts their roles – the resources cover:

  • Working in the digital organisation
  • Acquiring content for digital products
  • Digital marketing
  • Managing transitioning teams
  • Developing digital projects
  • Selling digital products

A key feature of all the courses is the ability for Pearson employees to share their thoughts and comments about the course material as they progress through the resource. They may also collect their own personal notes.

As befits a company that operates in more than 70 countries, all six courses are being translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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