Designs of the Year, Design Museum

Designs of the Year, Design Museum

The Design Museum describes Designs of the Year as “an annual showcase of the most innovative and imaginative designs from around the world… spanning seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Transport and Product”.

Anna Faherty has worked with Design Museum curators, project nominators and external graphic designers to develop gallery interpretation for three separate Designs of the Year exhibitions, as well as managing the content for their associated printed catalogues.

Watch the Design Museum’s ‘What makes a design of the year’ video.

This show does a really good job of interrogating all of those questions about what the point of design is, what its function is, in a a time and a place where we’ve actually got more products than we can ever use – where we don’t need a single thing any more.
Ekow Eshun on Saturday Review, BBC Radio 4


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