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My first ‘author’ experience – in the hands of students

As an experienced publisher and writer, it goes without saying that I've worked on many, MANY books, in a variety of guises. My words appear uncredited in texts where I've performed serious editorial surgery, on the back of books as part of published reviews, or occasionally in publications where my name is reproduced in an [...]

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Why Martini is the tipple of choice for publishers of the future

Publishers are known for their penchant for the odd tipple, but after a day in a room full of them at Monday's Futurebook conference, the only drink for me is a Martini. Not the classic cocktail, but the Martini & Rosso vermouth, as promoted in this 80s ad: It may look startlingly retro, [...]

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Saul Bass on the presses: design, printing and social media

I'm a huge Saul Bass fan, and a bit of a book production geek. So this video hits all my buttons. Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design from Laurence King Publishing on Vimeo. Even better, it's a great example of a publisher using social media to promote a new title: I [...]

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Nosy Crow’s Aliens vs MAD Scientists Mega Mash-up

New independent publisher on the block Nosy Crow have recently launched their Mega Mash-up series aimed at boys of 7+. The look and feel of the books mirrors other short series publications like Astrosaurs or Spy Dog. What's new is the 'draw your own adventure' aspect and the brazen repeated combination of everyone's fave character [...]

By |May 22nd, 2011|Book review, Publishing, science communication|4 Comments

Once Upon a Wartime at the Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum London's latest temporary exhibition claims to delve "into the pages of well-loved books, bringing five stories of war dramatically to life". It's a neat idea. Choose five books which feature wartime situations and use the unrivalled collections of the Museum to illustrate what it was like in the real scenes and [...]

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Twitter facilitates copyright permissions clearance

Anyone who has every tried it knows clearing permission to use copyrighted material in another publication is a pain. It can take ages to find the original copyright holder in the first place, ages to receive a response from the publisher, you may have to chase several times, you may have to correspond with the [...]

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