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How many women scientists can you name?

For me, the answer is surprisingly few, a fact that makes A Passion for Science: Stories of Discovery and Invention, at once, both inspirational and melancholic. Published by the organisers of Ada Lovelace Day, the book shares the stories of twenty women who researched, invented and utilised science and technology in remarkable ways. In a [...]

By |January 4th, 2014|Book review, science, science communication|0 Comments

Keeping up to speed with social media – reviewing Jon Reed’s new edition

I can't quite believe that three years have passed since I blogged a review of my former colleague Jon Reed's first book: Get up to Speed with Online Marketing. Of course, times - especially when you're dealing with social media - change, so it's no surprise that publisher Pearson has just launched a new edition. [...]

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Why politics and science don’t mix

Like oil and water, politics and science simply don't mix. Why? Because, as I say in my recent review of Mark Henderson's The Geek Manifesto book, "politicians and scientists think very differently and value different things". Here's an extract from the post: "Changing your mind is de rigeur for scientists who come across new evidence; [...]

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Generous Jon Reed is at it again: The Publishing Talk Guide to Twitter

I’ve blogged before about Jon Reed’s writing, citing him as a social media savvy chap, who generously shares his expertise – and what’s more he does it with style. Jon’s latest (e)book, The Publishing Talk Guide to Twitter, reaffirms those sentiments. In around 100 pages, Jon crams in multiple Twitter success stories and practical tips [...]

By |July 7th, 2011|Book review|2 Comments

Nosy Crow’s Aliens vs MAD Scientists Mega Mash-up

New independent publisher on the block Nosy Crow have recently launched their Mega Mash-up series aimed at boys of 7+. The look and feel of the books mirrors other short series publications like Astrosaurs or Spy Dog. What's new is the 'draw your own adventure' aspect and the brazen repeated combination of everyone's fave character [...]

By |May 22nd, 2011|Book review, Publishing, science communication|4 Comments

2011: The year of playfulness?

I recently guestblogged for the award-winning elearning folk at Nelson Croom, on the Serious Business of Games. The post was linked to my Nelson Croom course on innovation and promoted the benefits of using games to spark creativity in the workplace. I'd like to take all the credit for the idea, but really it's all [...]

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Getting up to speed with online marketing

In case you hadn't already heard, the highly social media savvy Jon Reed has just published a book with Financial Times Prentice Hall: Get up to speed with online marketing. Having got my hands on one of the first copies, I'm well impressed. So much so that I was moved to post my views on [...]

By |December 1st, 2010|Book review|4 Comments