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Visualising space probes 30 years on

When I went to see the Science Museum's excellent Cosmonauts exhibition this week I expected to find objects and stories about Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova and (with luck) some space dogs. I got all of those, but also a blast from my own past, when I encountered large-scale models of objects I had studied closely [...]

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Inside the Cutty Sark

I'm on the HMS Beagle Project blog this week talking about the freshly-opened Cutty Sark in Greenwich. She's a beautiful thing. Here's some pics to prove my point:                                       [...]

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“Wealth and beggary, vice and virtue”: Dickens and London at the Museum of London

Dickens and London was always going to be a challenge for the Museum of London. Should they focus on Dickens’ work, the London he lived in or the connection between the two? And should they assume their visitors know his works intimately or not? The exhibition team have made a laudable effort, with the end [...]

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Pirates! On the quest for the ‘true story’ of Captain Kidd

The Museum of London Docklands’ Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story exhibition has all the essential ingredients of a good museum experience: calling in the services of an engaging character and narrative, providing opportunities for visitors to experience past lives, linking history to contemporary popular culture, letting visitors leave their mark on the exhibition and posing [...]

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Once Upon a Wartime at the Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum London's latest temporary exhibition claims to delve "into the pages of well-loved books, bringing five stories of war dramatically to life". It's a neat idea. Choose five books which feature wartime situations and use the unrivalled collections of the Museum to illustrate what it was like in the real scenes and [...]

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Infinitely scandalous: the Natural History Museum’s Sexual Nature

If you want something to create a buzz, you can't do much better than getting your product banned. The Natural History Museum's PR machine must have thanked its lucky stars, then, when Transport for London banned an advertising poster for their new Sexual Nature exhibition. Not only did the action raise awareness for the Museum, [...]

By |February 21st, 2011|Exhibition review, Museums, science communication|2 Comments