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A helping hand for interactive storytelling

While I may spend most of my time writing seemingly conventional non-fiction, I'm actually very interested in the mechanics of interactive storytelling - whether used in fact or fiction. That's partly due to time spent reading those old Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. But it's more because of my professional adult life. [...]

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Thames trivia for the Jubilee

If you're following the route of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant today, here's a handful of boaty Thames facts to impress your friends with: Battersea park is built from mud and ballast Brainchild of ship's carpenter turned master builder Thomas Cubitt, Battersea park opened in 1854. The marshy land was reclaimed by filling it with [...]

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Inside the Cutty Sark

I'm on the HMS Beagle Project blog this week talking about the freshly-opened Cutty Sark in Greenwich. She's a beautiful thing. Here's some pics to prove my point:                                       [...]

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London’s Archives: home to Shackleton’s book, Darwin’s letters and the world’s first ornithology encyclopedia

What do the first book published in Antarctica, a bunch of letters written by Charles Darwin while on board HMS Beagle and a rare seventeenth century scientific guide to the world's birds have in common? You can see - and in some cases touch - each of them in an archive somewhere in London. Archives [...]

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Design Museum app showcases designs that changed the world

The new free Design Museum Collection app for iPad launched last week, soon to be followed by iPhone (available 3rd May) and Android (available 5th June) versions. As you'd expect from an institution committed to "better design, better use of scarce resources, and more innovation", the interface is quite neat. There's something strangely compelling about [...]

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Will LOCOG make the most of social media for London 2012?

Since I first shared my disappointment about the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games' (LOCOG) lacklustre approach to social media on AccountingCPD's blog, I've tracked down the official International Olympic Committe social media guidelines. While encouraging social media and blogging activity by 'athletes and other accredited persons', they also place a number [...]

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“Wealth and beggary, vice and virtue”: Dickens and London at the Museum of London

Dickens and London was always going to be a challenge for the Museum of London. Should they focus on Dickens’ work, the London he lived in or the connection between the two? And should they assume their visitors know his works intimately or not? The exhibition team have made a laudable effort, with the end [...]

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Mild-mannered accountant was the ‘victim’ in Milgram’s electrocution experiment

I write about a lot of different things. Some things that I know about already. Some that I don't. In both instances, writing forces you to get under the skin of the facts and find the nuggets of interest which might most grab your reader. Although I'd read about the shocking experiments of Yale psychologist [...]

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Why Martini is the tipple of choice for publishers of the future

Publishers are known for their penchant for the odd tipple, but after a day in a room full of them at Monday's Futurebook conference, the only drink for me is a Martini. Not the classic cocktail, but the Martini & Rosso vermouth, as promoted in this 80s ad: It may look startlingly retro, [...]

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Saul Bass on the presses: design, printing and social media

I'm a huge Saul Bass fan, and a bit of a book production geek. So this video hits all my buttons. Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design from Laurence King Publishing on Vimeo. Even better, it's a great example of a publisher using social media to promote a new title: I [...]

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