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Is Penguin merchandise top of your Christmas list?

A visit to the Penguin Books website today throws up the fact (if, of course, you believe it's real and not just a smart marketing ploy) that the "most searched terms" on the site are: Penguin canvas bag and Take That. More evidence of the non-book product potential for publishers with a strong brand [...]

By |November 30th, 2010|branding|0 Comments

Sharing the printing love

I love this project idea. And I wish someone in the UK would do the same!

By |November 19th, 2010|Printing|3 Comments

Twitter facilitates copyright permissions clearance

Anyone who has every tried it knows clearing permission to use copyrighted material in another publication is a pain. It can take ages to find the original copyright holder in the first place, ages to receive a response from the publisher, you may have to chase several times, you may have to correspond with the [...]

By |November 18th, 2010|Publishing|0 Comments

When publishers don’t sell books

Publishing isn't just about producing and selling books - or producing and selling book-like things. A growing number of 'book' publishers and newspapers now offer existing customers new products and services and/or court new customers with their extended brand. From the examples I tracked down when researching a teaching session on 'product and service diversification' [...]

By |November 11th, 2010|branding|8 Comments

Four horsemen of the apocalypse at the ICA

Last night at the ICA, Roy Greenslade, Professor of Journalism at City University and Guardian Media columnist, spelled out the crisis in the newspaper industry: "In newspapers - but not books - print will die, and is in the process of dying." In that one sentence he summed up not just the challenge facing every [...]

By |October 22nd, 2010|digital publishing|2 Comments

Is Rowling losing the plot?

So as JK Rowling, and her publishers Bloomsbury, head off for a court date with the estate of Willy the Wizard author, Adrian Jacobs, I was a little confused about the logic. Jacobs’ estate claims not that Rowling has plagiarised the text word for word, but that aspects of the plot, sub-plots, themes and incidents [...]

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Long live paper

Ever since my then housemate, who worked on pop-up children’s books, told me she was having a meeting with a ‘paper engineer’, I’ve wanted that job title. How cool? Making things. Amazingly complex things. Out of something so plain, ubiquitous and cheap. Unfortunately, the closest I ever came to doing that for a living was [...]

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There’s nothing new about being single

Believe Amazon and you'll believe that writers have spent years (“more than a century” to use their words) struggling with the dilemma of whether to write under 10,000 words or over 50,000. From this standpoint, the online books-and-more retailer today announced the launch of Kindle Singles, non-fiction works twice the length of a New Yorker [...]

By |October 12th, 2010|digital publishing|3 Comments

Describing self-publishing in cartoons

At the recent Kingston University annual publishing conference on self-publishing, the highly talented David Gifford acted as 'conference artist', churning out a bunch of insightful cartoons based on speakers' presentations. This one - inspired by a comment by writer and writer's cafe co-director Harriet Smart - is probably my favourite. You can see more pics [...]

By |October 1st, 2010|self-publishing|0 Comments

Why the iPad ebook experience ultimately disappoints

Apple describe the iPad as a "magical and revolutionary product" and the iBooks reading experience as "a joy". But when I finally got my hands on one of this year’s must have gadgets, courtesy of a fellow reveller at a recent FutureBook drinks party I felt mightily disappointed. Not at first, you understand. Because, in [...]

By |September 30th, 2010|digital publishing|0 Comments