Astrophoto guides, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Astrophoto guides, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Astronomy Photographer of the Year is an annual competition run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG), part of Royal Museums Greenwich, in partnership with Sky at Night magazine and Flickr. The winning entries are showcased in an exhibition at the Royal Observatory and also feature in a print book and accompanying app.

Anna Faherty worked with the ROG and some of the amateur astrophotographers who had previously entered the competition to develop a range of short and accessible ‘How to…’ guides to astrophotography. Using the knowledge and experience of the photographers, Anna constructed a standard step-by-step approach, covering:

  • Getting the gear
  • Picking the place
  • Taking the shot
  • Processing
  • My top tip

Readers learn the fundamentals of where and how to capture the best shots as well as the techniques used to process raw images. The guides include images of appropriate equipment and examples of the final results that can be obtained when using it. Despite the substantial editing required to condense many of the instructions, the individual photographers’ voices are retained in the guides. This gives readers an insight into the photographers’ own experiences, from the importance of strong, hot coffee during long, cold observing nights to the serendipity that often leads to the best images.

The guides are published on the Royal Museums Greenwich website and may also be accessed from a touch-screen interactive within the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition.