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#Reading: Town and Country was a joint project between Reading Museum and the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), funded by Arts Council England.



The two museums cover a broad swathe of history and culture. Reading Museum focuses on the town, MERL on the country. Together, they wanted to optimise their expertise to better serve Reading’s communities in new, digital ways. The #Reading: Town and Country project took stock of how the museums were using digital technologies and the skills of their staff. Training was then provided in the areas with most potential, before the enhanced skills were applied in shared projects between the two museums.



Anna Faherty worked with staff from Reading Museum and MERL to develop and deliver three bespoke training workshops delivered within the project’s ‘Digital Den’ sessions. The workshops were designed to raise awareness of blogs and blogging, support staff as they developed their own blogging strategies and enhance individual storytelling and writing skills for non-specialist audiences.


You can find out more about the overall project at Reading Museum and Medium.

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