The Reading Room Companion is a compendium of inspiring and intriguing insights from Wellcome Collection and the Wellcome Library. The book is designed to deliver in-depth interpretation in the Reading Room gallery at Wellcome Collection, while also sparking visitors’ curiosity and prompting them to explore the space further. Anna Faherty worked with the Wellcome Library curatorial team, graphic designers Objectif and Wellcome Collection Publishing to conceive, research and write the book. The Reading Room Companion is also available as an e-book, delivered via the Yudu publishing platform.

Anna’s work in writing and compiling the Companion to Wellcome Collection’s recently-opened Reading Room was inspired. She took a relatively open project brief covering an eclectic set of topics and turned it into both an effective guide to the room and a delightful stand-alone volume, held together by a compelling and distinctive vision.
Ken Arnold, Wellcome Collection

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