Project Description

Facilitating exhibition concept development and delivering publication content.

Making Nature is a year-long exploration into our relationship with nature, developed by Wellcome Collection.

Anna Faherty collaborated with curatorial and events staff to facilitate early concept development for the Wellcome Collection exhibition A Museum of Modern Nature. This involved supporting the team as they honed their participation and engagement aims, questioning assumptions and crafting a potential visitor offer. The final exhibition displays objects borrowed from members of the public that tell a story about their relationship with nature. Together they create a collective snapshot of how we think about nature in the 21st century and explore how the health of our planet is intricately bound up with the behaviours and values of the people who inhabit it.

Anna also worked with the Wellcome Collection publications team to write material for the book accompanying the Making Nature season. Animal Vegetable Mineral – Organising Nature: A Picture Album celebrates the beauty and strangeness of early nature illustrations and the ordering systems that transformed how we see and understand nature.